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Brazil flag - Brazilian flag

Brazil Flag Brazil Flag Brazil Flag Brazil Flag Brazil Flag - carnival Brazil Flag Brazil Flag - Girl in Rio de Janeiro Brazil Flag - soccer Brazil Flag
Brazilian flag - Brazil Some curiosities about the Brazilian flag

There are 27 stars on the flag. Each star represents a Brazilian state. The flag is the national flag since 1889. The colors green and yellow are in association with the royal families of Braganša and Habsburg. The blue circle is the image of the sky seen form Rio de Janeiro at 12:00 (sidereal hour) on 15th November 1889 (On 15th November 1889 Brazil was declared a republic. Rio de Janeiro was the capital.). On the white band is written "Ordem e Progresso" which means "Order and Progress". This sentence probably is from the French philosopher Augusto Comte.


Tourism in Brazil. If you want to visit Brazil we suggest the Amazon, the Pantanal, Rio de Janeiro and Bahia. In Bahia you will find excellent resorts on the beach. In the Amazon and Pantanal you can spend your time at wonderful eco-lodges. And in Rio de Janeiro are excellent hotels, for example the Copacabana Palace Hotel.